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web design client - chutzpah official website



wEB Services Utilised:

  • Full web site design/development
  • Full Flash programming
  • Graphic design
  • Audio/Visual delivery (Flash, mp3 and Quicktime)

Los Angeles-based hip-hop supergroup, Chutzpah, were about to launch their new album "Hip Hop Fantasy" and required a new website to showcase this new album and accompanying video clips as well as their first album "Eponymous", and their hit short film "Chutzpah, This Is?". Working with such names as Gary Oldman, Issac Hayes, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Dave Chappell, Debbie Harry and others, the site had to capture the essence of their new look as well as their sense of fun and humor.

Building a fully Flash integrated site, Incognita created an interactive online showcase in a fun, yet slick and professional style, fulfilling the brief of showcasing all of Chutzpah's work to date, as well as leaving room to let the site expand as required. Since described as "James Bond meets the Rat Pack", the Chutzpah site has been lauded as one of the best band sites on the web.

"A spectacular job! Everyone LOVES it!!! THANK YOU!!!!" - Master Tav (aka Tor Hyams)

(the official Chutzpah site)



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