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web design melbourne - incognita designIncognita Design has been in the business of creating professional, innovative and unique web sites and print & multimedia presentations for the lifestyle and entertainment industries since 1997.

Designing for actors, writers, artists, photographers, musicians, production companies, theatre groups and all other artistic and creative businesses, we offer you affordable rates, personal consultation, and a truly individual voice in the world of new technologies.

Well-versed in web design, multimedia and graphic design, as well as having an extensive knowledge of the technical requirements for successful web delivery (including making your site search engine ready), award-winning designer and actor/writer, Sally McLean, brings a strong sense of style and know-how to the helm of the crew.

Other designers, programmers and artists are brought in to work on each contract on a project-by-project basis, if required. The base of personnel contracted in to work with Incognita come from a variety of disciplines, including fine art, computer programming, television and film production, web design and printing.

Above all, we are here to help you make the most of your web presence and show you at your unique best to the world.


  • We will get to know your business, products and/or services and create a site that reflects your business, works for your business and gives you the results you are looking for;
  • We always try to find the most cost effective solution for your needs;
  • We offer excellent value for money;
  • We work with you, guiding you through the development of your site, tailoring a website that is right for you - from scratch and with your input;
  • We work with you as part of your team - with transparancy and open communication - at all times;
  • We work to current web design & graphic design standards, which includes ensuring all our web sites are viewable in multiple web browsers and designed to be search engine friendly; and
  • We are constantly updating our skills base to keep pace with the changing design industry - ensuring you get the best quality work for your money.

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featured review

"Needless to say, the Salmac Productions site is outstanding. It truly exemplifies professionalism. Site navigation, content and artistic display are excellent. Everyone involved in this site's development should be applauded." - Lynne Miller, Nu-Horizons Design Studio & Adjudicator for the "Media Award for Web Excellence in Broadcasting" commenting on Incognita's design of the Salmac Productions website
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home | about incognita | web design | graphic design | showreel production | feedback & reviews | e-newsletter | contact
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